David Borgogni

There’s nothing that David’s spent more time doing than learning about the digital industry. While most of his experience comes with working as an SEO specialist, he wants to spend his time inspiring others to get involved with affiliate marketing. He knows how a company can blossom overnight with the power of affiliate marketing and he wants to help you turn into a success story. Why are you giving advice on Affiliate Strat? The culture at Affiliate Strat is the real reason I decided to join the team. I enjoy collaborating with a group of passionate writers and marketers dedicated to the goal of debunking affiliate programs. As a contributor, I have an opportunity to use my vast experience to help online entrepreneurs discover the most lucrative affiliate programs for their businesses. What was the first affiliate program you joined? I joined the Amazon Associates affiliate program while still running my juicing blog. Eventually, I moved to the JVZoo because of the higher commission rates. How do you like to drive traffic to your affiliate offers? In my experience, producing well-structured, authoritative, and informative content is the best way to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. What is one piece of advice you'd give new affiliates? Don’t expect quick results. The affiliate program you joined will start to turn a profit if you’re patient enough.

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